Every year, our team gives time and money to a few charities that we hold dear to our hearts. We encourage anyone that has something to spare to think about others in their time of need. May that be someone close to you or half way across the globe. We have listed below a few of the charities we support and we welcome any support from you our clients.

ALS Cup for a Cure

The team at LK Wealth Management believe that any change in this world begins with action, therefore, they have made a commitment to support areas that hold dear to them. Konrad’s family was affected by ALS when his father passed away in 2006. After seeing first-hand the challenges that came in taking care of a family member with this horrific disease. Konrad, along with a few others donate their time and money to help raise funds and awareness for those affected with ALS. They run an annual co-ed charity soccer tournament in Mississauga every September called the ALS Cup for a Cure, which helps raise close to $15,000 every year to support those individuals that are affected by ALS and their families. Konrad acts as the Treasurer for ALS Cup for a Cure but is also actively involved in every part of the tournament to help make it a great success every year. If you wish to participate or donate, please visit or find us on social media.

CIBC Run for the Cure

Drawing from personal experience Justin is a supporter of the fight against breast cancer. Every year he raises awareness by running the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s Run for the Cure through the Toronto International Zoo! If you would like to support him in his run please click on the link below!

Heart and Stroke Foundation

The team also supports the Heart and Stroke foundation. In Canada, one person passes away every 7 minutes from heart related diseases. This number is expected to increase with 31% of all Canadian children considered overweight or obese, we are large supporters of changing this trend. The heart and stroke is working to changing children’s eating habits, increasing their physical activity and marketing to children to try and reduce their consumption of fast foods and sugary drinks. For more information click the link below.

World Vision

Working in almost 100 countries World Vision is a Christian Humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.  They provide emergency assistance to those affected by disasters and conflict for long term solutions to alleviate poverty and advocate on behalf of the poor”.  Child sponsorship dollars go towards, education, safe water, nutritious food, healthcare, child protection, economic Development and community leadership.

The team at LK Wealth Management supports the Culinary Team Canada which has competed internationally since 1972. Comprised of chefs from across Canada – who have exhibited excellence in culinary skills, Culinary Team Canada members are chosen by their peers to represent our country, and are volunteers who participate in team activities on their own time. There is no support from the Canadian government to help these members compete on the global stage. As our LK Wealth team understands people that want to follow their passion but need help, we proudly support our Canadian National Culinary Team. To help support their team, you can find more information at